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THE NEWSPAPER AND RADIO news headlines observed for the most part of last week underscores the fact that the COP and their supporters constantly indulging in protest actions may have the propensity to slow down business activities in the country. 

IT ALSO UNDERMINES AND frustrates every effort that government is making to attract foreign

investments into the country. This is why Liberians must not forget that a country may have all the attractions necessary to lure foreign investors to do business, including the availability of precious mineral resources.

A COUNTRY MAY ALSO HAVE attractive laws that favor profit, friendly and hospitable people and the existence of much needed infrastructures such as paved highways, hotels and guest houses as well as electricity.

HOWEVER IF THE CLIMATE of peace and stability is not favorable, and if those at the upper echelon of power lack business honesty, investors coming into the country may use that weakness as a ploy to quit the country without investing a cent, as there is a popular saying that nobody does business at a loss.

INDEED WHAT MANY VISITORS are always saying is that after 172 years of independence, with Liberia today showcasing virtually little to the outside world to boast of in her capacity as Africa’s first independent nation. 

IT IS ALSO TIME FOR Liberians to resolve to overcome the traumas of the 14 years of civil conflict and pay more attention to national development. Let us also limit endemic corruption and build our capacity to increase economic growth and the values of transparency and accountability. 

ACCORDING TO SOME Liberian intellectuals, it is time to put aside ethnic, regional and political differences so that as a nation we must join hands with the CDC Administration to work for the good of the common patrimony.

 IT IS NO MISTAKE WHEN this administration and the World Bank group unanimously agreed that what Liberia needs the most is the construction of more paved roads, so as to link the deprived and backward parts of this country especially the South-Eastern region with Monrovia, the capital.

 THIS IS WHY WE ARE urging critics to have second thoughts in their plans to stage another orgy of protests meant to force President Weah to step down.

AS WE GEAR UP FOR the second anniversary of Weah’s accession to power on January 22, 2020 celebrations, we need to bear in mind that despite the distractions caused by protesters, several community-roads in and around Monrovia are being paved, plans are underway  to improved nationwide electricity delivery, the 14th Military hospitals scores of highways constructions on course are just a few to mention here.

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